Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rainy days

What a day! If this is the dry season in the Dominican Republic, the rainy season must be REALLY wet. Today the dental team moved to a new site, a more urban site than we've had the past two days. Our clinic for today and tomorrow is at Pastor Ortiz's church. It's in a neighborhood with a lot of gangs, drug activity, and prostitution. This pic is right outside our door:
We did see many more children at this clinic. We did not treat this little boy, but he is 5 years old and is HIV Positive. Pastor Ortiz has taken many of these children under his wing.
So far, the dental team has seen about 200 patients. Today we did mostly fillings and extractions. We will be down a dentist, as Dr. Anton and his two sons will be returning to the U.S. It was a good day for the dental team!

We're posting several pictures from the construction team to show their progress. They have done a tremendous amount of work in a short time! They have been hampered by the rain but have continued to work. Today, despite the rain and power shortage, they got the framing done and the roof trusses up.
This is the site as work began. The following pictures are the work in progress. The building is 20x40, with a concrete floor, wood walls and a tin roof. 

At the end of the day, the team was blessed to see a double rainbow!

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