Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Terrific Tuesday

Today we were able to hit the ground running. The dental team was set up in the same place, at Pastor Nicholas' house, so when we got there we were able to start working right away. It rained off and on all day but it did not stop the Haitian's from coming out to get their dental work done! It did not take long for a crowd to gather. It was wonderful to hear Delores telling Bible stories to those waiting. It was all spoken in Creole, but you could pick up a word here and there that gave us hints as to what she was doing. She told them about Cain and Able, and Abraham and shared several verses from Romans.

The Haitian's had many extractions done and some had fillings placed. One man had several fillings on his front teeth and it was a transformation to see him smile afterwards. That's why we are here to plant the seed for someone else to sow, so that the transformation of Jesus in their lives can take place. After lunch, our electricity went out and did not come back on for over 2 hours! We were limited to cleaning and extractions, but we never slowed down.

The construction team completed the forms for the foundation and waited for concrete to arrive this morning. While waiting, members of our team received help from some of the Haitian children in "landscaping" around the outside of the forms. This consisted of moving rocks and leveling the sand on the path beside the church building area.

The children also taught us a song today in Creole. The meaning of the song is translated to mean something like "Pass on by Satan, pass me by, I'm a child of the good God and he will block your way". The pastor's son taught us this song, and after some intensive language practice, we sang the song many times. This precious child's song rang true today, because we had several bumps in the road before we could start pouring the concrete.

While we continued to wait, we built the frame for the walls. Finally, late this afternoon, the concrete was poured. The Haitians jumped in to help spread the concrete, and we left they were completing the final section. God blessed us today by clearing the way to accomplish the goals set for today's project.

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