Saturday, March 1, 2014

Guatemala, Day Eight

I know, I skipped yesterday. :-) Yesterday, we arrived in the beautiful city of Antigua. Antigua means "ancient" and it is. There are cobblestone streets lined with old, old buildings. Lots of cathedrals and ruins, and so many interesting people. 

There are 3 active volcanoes surrounding Antigua. One of them, Volcán de Fuego or "Volcano of Fire" has spit smoke while we were here. Antigua was at one time the capital of Guatemala, but in 1776, after a series of earthquakes, the capital was moved to Guatemala City.

God has blessed us with some incredible weather and scenery, but the greatest blessing we have had has been this whole mission trip. There have been low points, but very few. We've had many, many more highs. We have met some interesting people, and we pray that we have planted some seeds in those who don't know the Lord. 

We cannot wait to see our families. We're thankful for your prayers while we've been gone, and our prayer is that reading about our experiences will encourage you to try a mission trip yourself. 

See you in America!

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