Saturday, March 8, 2014

Guatemala Photos!

Some of our photos...

Dremel tool we used as a titrilator to shake our composite for a filling. 

Dental Team working hard!

Sunset over the McDonald tomato fields across the road from the hospital/compound. All tomatoes used at McDonald's restaurants in Central America are grown here.

View from the rooftop. Behind the compound (foreground) are some very, very humble homes.

Dr. David with Misael, a 'celebrity' who had come to the U.S. for orthopedic surgery in Dallas.

Our friend Karen, from New York's Long Island.
Guatemalan traditional dress. Last photo is Brenda, who went as part of the dental team
but was drafted to the Operating Room!

Dremel tool to the rescue once again! We were pouring up a model to replace
a missing tooth for our interpreter. 

More to come soon!

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