Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Guatemala, Day Five

Loooooooong day today! We started at 8:00 this morning, stopped briefly for lunch, then finished up about 6:00.  We saw a total of 53 patients, and several of those were difficult cases.  David is getting some experience as a pediatric oral surgeon - he did another case with the anesthesiologist! This makes 3 total so far. 

We also once again made use of the Dremel tool yesterday. We worked on our interpreter, and he was missing a front tooth so David decided to make him a provisional partial. To make this, you need equipment that shakes the stone you use to make a model. We did not have that, so we improvised with the all-purpose Dremel. Success! This afternoon we needed to make another partial, and the Dremel was not available. So we used the compressor that runs some of the dental equipment. The ability to improvise is a must on the mission field!

When Dr. Mike (an oral surgeon) was planning on coming, he was bringing his two assistants with him. Even though he did not get to come, Jamey and Brenda came with us. Though they are dental, they have both been recruited to the O.R. and we have not seen much of them, they stay so busy in surgery. 

Tomorrow, we have a half-day of clinic, then will begin packing up. It has been interesting seeing the people of Guatemala, and we hope to see more of the country when we leave for Antigua on Friday. God has truly blessed us with new friendships on this trip, and though we have had a great time, it will be good to get back home!

Keep praying for us!

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