Saturday, February 22, 2014

Guatemala, Day One

We're here! Well, most of us, anyway. Dr. Mike was not able to come, and one of our team members accidentally grabbed the wrong passport so she is currently still in Houston. She'll be catching a late flight tonight and join us in the morning. 

Two of our trunks also did not make the trip, and will come on the same flight as our missing team member. Those trunks contained all of the instruments we use for extractions (which will probably be the biggest bulk of our work), some of our anesthesia, and the equipment we will be using to clean teeth. It was discouraging - but another example of how God provides, because we found a drawer full of instruments left here from another dental team! It's not everything we need, but will help hold us over until our supplies come. God is so good!

We are staying at the same compound we visited last year, outside the town of San Raymundo. This time, we are traveling with a group called Refuge International. Refuge International provides medical and surgical care to 4 different, remote areas in Guatemala. We are the first dental team they have had with them.  They are excited about us being here, and we are excited about being able to help. There are already patients waiting to be seen, so we will start early tomorrow. 

There have been so many challenges we have faced in preparing for this trip, and for some of us it's been really hard to leave home. With supplies late or not coming in,  a missed flight, luggage missing - it's been easy to get discouraged. But I know those challenges are only going to make us more aware of how God is going to work on this trip.  Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

We love you, and miss you but we're glad we are here!

PS - Jody Schibi, the duct tape held up.

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