Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Guatemala, Day Four

Wow, what a day! Once again, there was a line of patients waiting for us. We had quite a few interesting patients today. One of the first patients we saw was a 3 year old girl that needed several extractions. The really good thing about this venue is the availability of anesthesia and operating rooms. The little girl was taken to surgery (after a several-hour wait). This was a first for David - extractions in an operating room! He took out 10 teeth. 

One high point of the day was the huge difference David made in a 13-year old girl's smile. She was missing one of her central incisors, and her lateral (the tooth to the side of the center one) shifted, so she had a side-ways tooth and a big gap. After David finished with her, she looked amazing and was so happy to be smiling! 

We are all healthy, eating *really* well, and sleeping well. Lights are out at 10 PM and on at 6 AM. Breakfast follows, and clinic starts quickly after. Lunch is whenever we can get a break, and then we get going again, stopping around 6. Then we sterilize instruments, have dinner, and visit with others.

Tomorrow, the photojournalism group from Cal State Fullerton is leaving early in the morning. We will miss them - but one thing we will *not* miss is the constant photo-taking while we're trying to work. Now we know how celebrities feel!

Keep praying for us - two more clinic days. Pray as we minister to those we see tomorrow and the next day. We love you! 

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