Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bulgaria Mission Trip

March 16, 2013.

The mission team consist of Donald Hinze, (GCBA), Charles Easely, Sonny Halford and Porfirio  Colon. We flew from Houston, TX with a stop over at Amsterdam, Holland and into Sofia, Bulgria. From Sofia our Bulgarian Hosts drove us to Somolyan, Bulgaria which is up in the mountains. The drive from Sofia to Somolyan was about 5 hours so that by th time we reached Somolyan we were ready to go to bed. At least Pastor Charles and I were ready to sleep, Sonny and Don  went out to enjoy the local cuisine. we finally rested some and are getting tready to see the town and visit with a Christian congregation later during the day.

March 19, 2013. This is day 5 of our mission trip. We finally are able to have access to WI-FI. We are preparing to leave shorty on a trip tp a local towm about 2 hours from were we are staying. On schedule is meeting with two IMB Missionaries for encouragemement and a potential business meeting with Turkish Moslems Businessmen. Pray for this encounter if you see this blog today. As for the rest of the trip we have had busy time meeting people, attending local worship services, spending time with Ivo and Kremi and their children a young local missionary couple with a great testimony. Yesterday we visited with Maria Nikova the Mayor of Momchilovtsi a small villag here in Smolyan and had a great time planning for seminars and training in her town and praying over her town and her office. She is an orthodox Christian, but very receptive to the gospel. Perhaps our most important event was a God appointed meeting with Svetlana, a local believer that teaches English at the local University. We made an appointement with her to meet for coffee. She came to our meeting with a friend of her named Peter. She has been witnessing to Peter for two years and Peter has not yet made a decission for Christ. She asked us tu talk to him about salvation from our male perspective. We spent about two hours witnessing to Peter. Pastor Charles gave the plan of salvation, the others we gave pertinent testimony that he related with. Finally, we asked him to decide and he decided to wait. So pray for Petert, I beleive The Lord brought us together with him so that he could converse with Christian men. Remember there are not many Christian men here in Smolyan. Continue to remember us in your prayers. 

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