Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Guatemala -Day 3

Our first full day of clinic! And it was a *very* full day. The buses pulled up, the gates opened, and the kids began swarming in at 7:30 while we were at breakfast. It was fun seeing all the little smiling faces of children in their uniforms. We quickly got over to the clinic to begin our day. Bench after bench of children were lined up for us to see. Our youngest patient was 3 years old, and he was a trouper! There were some that we were not able to treat because they were so scared, but this little boy kept his mouth open, stayed still, and did not even flinch.

We had to stop early for lunch because of some electrical problems that were quickly resolved. The afternoon we were seeing the older students and the behavior was a bit more compliant. Dental students from the Guatemala dental school showed up and worked along our students - so a "controlled" chaos followed. We ended up seeing around 125 patients with many more to go. We have many stories to tell, mostly of God using people and bringing them into our paths. 

Please pray for strength for us, pray for a sensitivity to what we are to say and to encourage to others, pray that we will rely on His equipping for the task.
And by the way, we pray that for you as well.

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