Thursday, March 21, 2013

Guatemala - day 5

Short day at the clinic yesterday - but a busy one! We do not have a count on the number of kids we have seen, but we have taken care of the needs of all the children at the school next to us - 550 kids. 

After a quick lunch, we loaded up the bus to head to Guatemala City. It's an hour and a half drive down the same narrow, winding road we came up on. Unfortunately, several of the group experienced a little motion sickness and were glad to get to the fairly flat city. We had a tour of the University in Guatemala City, which houses a museum of Mayan culture and learned quite a bit about the history of Guatemala. The university is in a beautiful, park-like setting and had lots of beautiful trees and foliage. 

One of the "special" events was an unexpected song with T Bob Davis (our leader) playing "How Great Thou Art" on a Bosendorfer piano - ($200,000 piano) - very inspirational. While at the museum, one of our dental students found out that her grand father passed away. She will be flying out today - please be praying for Lindsey, as we have.

Dinner was with the Guatemalan dental students who had come to the clinic on Monday. It was at a very nice restaurant, and we were able to have *ICED* drinks for the first time since our arrival. The drive back up the mountain was in the dark, which gave us a new perspective on the population of the area - lights in every direction, up the mountainside and down in the valley. 

We are about ready to open "hunting season" - for roosters that crow at 1:00 am and dogs that bark all night. :-)  Other than that, we are good to go for another day, please pray for strength to "finish strong". We love you all and cherish your prayers and support.

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