Monday, March 18, 2013

Guatemala Day Two

Wow, what a busy day! Yesterday after breakfast we had an incredible outdoor worship service. Dr. David Toney led us, a cappella, as we sang Amazing Grace and  Great is Thy Faithfulness then challenged us with a message from John 17 . 

For this trip, we are working with 6 dentists,  18 dental students, 2 hygienists, 3 hygiene students and 3 assistants. Expecting to see as many kids as we are, set-up is a very big job. After worship, we began unpacking all our equipment. We broke for lunch, then got back to work. 

By about 2:00, we were ready to begin treating some of the workers in the compound. We did a 'test run' to see what works and what doesn't. Although we are at a site with electricity, we are working with mostly older equipment.  The equipment for our team worked well, but some of the other equipment needed repairs before tomorrow.  It usually takes a day or so to find out what works best in each location. Hopefully we will get the kinks worked out today!

We will hit the ground running this  morning. Breakfast is at 7, and the kids will start arriving before 8. It is a beautiful, beautiful morning here. A little cool, but it will warm up quickly.

Today, please pray for physical energy. It will be a busy, busy day. Also pray for patience as we run into snags that we need to work out. We are excited about what God is going to do here today, and can't wait to come back here tomorrow to tell you!

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