Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Guatemala - Day 4

Yesterday was incredible! We are getting the kinks worked out, and our team works really well together. The three assistants switch off, and two are assisting while one is helping get supplies, sterilizing, etc. Brenda has become the clinic "Head X-Ray Tech" and is invaluable to everyone in the clinic.

We thought you might like to know what our typical schedule has been: 
7:00 - breakfast
7:30 - start clinic
1:00 - break for lunch
2:00 - resume clinic
6:00 - clinic concludes (and clean-up commences)
7:00 - dinner
8:00 - re-cap the day and make any changes  
9:00 - devotion/worship/evening program
10:00 - to dorms

As you can see, there's not much 'down time' in our schedule. We saw lots of patients, including some adults. Yesterday we did not stop seeing patients until 7:00.

One bonus of this trip is the translators we are getting to work with. We have noticed that a lot of the children  have American names, such as "Emily," "Anderson," "Cindy," and  "Jeff."  Terry asked our translator about that, and he told her that Guatemalans have taken to naming their children after Americans they have met or see on TV. But in the more remote regions, where TV is not as available, they might name their children after American products they come in contact with or hear about. So he has heard of a child named Usmail ----- "U.S. Mail"

We had a wonderful worship time last night. Two of the guys brought guitars, and one guy brought a mandolin. We sang "Redeeming King," "He is Exalted," and "How He Loves" and it was incredible. "How He Loves" was partially in Spanish, and I watched some of the translators just light up. 

Today we will be working a half day, then going to the dental school in Guatemala City. This means an hour and a half ride down the same narrow, winding road we came up on. Seeing more of the country will be fun. 

With the busy days, we ask you to pray for physical energy and endurance. Pray that we have an impact on the people we see here, from the patients to the parents to the translators and the workers here at the compound. We can tell you are praying - we've had a great trip so far!

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