Friday, June 20, 2014

Saturday - I think

Well, we made it through the toughest day - 24 hours of travel and little sleep. The upside is a great sleep night! I feel like we are ready to "hit" it now. We traveled by plane for 16 hours and 5 hour layover in London. Really, all in all, no problems.
Read David Platt's book - Radical - if you have not read that - I challenge you to get inspired on what the church is doing (or not doing)! We are in a "guest" house and leave later for Restoration Gateway later today.
Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming, God is working here in Uganda just like at home. You do not have to be far from home to encounter people who need Jesus - a purpose for living. But while I am here, I pray that God will reveal how to make a difference in this part of the world. I wish that I could be accompanied by so many of you and miss you!
love to all

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