Friday, June 27, 2014

Uganda - Friday

Uganda Friday

Well we finished up clinics with a very busy day! Some of the highlights were a very difficult lower third molar extraction (hardest one of the week), a woman who brought out her "mammary gland" to feed while extracting her tooth and some fillings that saved a few more teeth. I also learned that each culture has its own translation, for instance, if you call someone "dude", it means "butt". oops :-)

This morning, we were able to attend the "devotional" time with the workers (about 60). Their passion is an inspiration, even at 7:30 am. Not all of the workers are believers, so it is a good outreach. Our ladies have been a great asset to the  ministry in their abilities to minister to the children and teach the ladies. I have been blessed to be a part of this group!

We concluded the day with a service with the kids - awesome!!! Close to the "high" for the week!! Their sincere praise to God was so inspiring. Then the McPhee family came and sang their famous hippo song for us.

 As we finish our "ministry" part of the trip, we are all tired but very content. We look forward to "winding down" in the next few days. There is a safari lodge that we will be taking some tours with, so that is going to be a treat! I hope to be uploading some pictures soon.

RG has a great network of support, volunteers and workers, they all become like family. So there are some tears as we say goodbye.

Thank you for your faithful prayer support

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  1. Enjoyed this little glimpse into your mission trip!