Sunday, June 22, 2014

Uganda Sunday

Today, we had a great day. We were able to get a flight from MAF (missionary aviation fellowship) that made the trip so much easier. They are a ministry that has been helping missionaries for years. Our pilot was Dave and has just returned from being on furlough. As we landed, we saw out the plane elephants, giraffes, hippos and lots of monkeys (no I was not looking in the mirror). Tim and Janice McCall picked us up and we made it to Restoration Gateway - amazing. One story is that in the neighboring village, which is basically a truck stop, there are many prostitutes.  A visiting group contacted them and invited them to church. They said that they do not want to continue in that "profession" but feel trapped. Pray that many will come to hear the good news of redemption and that they can be liberated.
RG - has only been here for about 7 years but it has 21 houses for orphans and so much more. They build their own bricks for the houses. It is awesome to see God working here, there are about 20 people (americans) that are ministering here, from OGBYN to facilitators, to teaching. Thank you for your prayers and lifting us up.

We were able to worship with the people here at RG. The lesson was by one of the dorm "moms" who taught on forgiveness. She did a great job. Such a joy to see the people worship The Lord and such a happiness that shows in their faces. We then took a tour with Dr Tim McCall of how God brought RG to being- all started with a vision and provisions. Tim had a vision of 800 acres and todate there is 700 acres, on the Nile River. His initial vision was a medical clinic, but along the way God showed him the need for orphan help. So there are many houses (21)that hold 8 children each but not all are filled yet.
Our lunch was rice and bean (which will be our normal staple for the week) which we ate in one of the orphan houses. Getting to meet them and have fun with them.
Then Dr Jody Yarbro and I went to the dental clinic to start setting up. We spent almost 3 hours doing that and we shall see tomorrow how things will go with the patient care.
Please pray for stamina, for safety, for receptivity to the gospel, for our families back home.
love to all

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