Thursday, June 26, 2014

Uganda - Thursday

Uganda Thursday

Well, today was our last day open to the public, tomorrow we will see a lot of the workers here at RG. Many of them are paid a salary (Ugandans) which affects/supports their families (up to nine in a family). The missionaries that work here are required to find their support from elsewhere (RG does not provide that for them). Most have "home churches" that provide their financial needs.
Today, there was a 4 year old boy that was brought in with his mother, crying before I ever laid a hand on him! It took four to hold him down while I removed a tooth. He and his family will sleep much better tonight.

Today, Shaun (dentist from Waco) helped train David (Ugandan dentist) on how to do molar root canals. Though we have not seen the masses, we are "equipping" the Ugandans to use resources and talents to bring others to Christ and to be served in the love of Jesus.

I would like to recommend another book for you (now that you have read "Radical" :-) ). Here is a little bit about it:
"When Helping hurts"
The average American lives on more than $90/ day, approx 1 billion live on less than $1/!day (that would be Uganda); 2.6 billion (40% of world population) live on less than $2/ day. There is not place in the Bible that indicates that poverty is a desirable state or that material things are evil. The Westminster Shorter Catechism teaches that human beings primary purpose is to "glorify God and enjoy Him forever". So what motivates you? Why do you want to help the poor? Is it my "felt need" to accomplish something worthwhile with my life, to be a person of significance, to feel like a pursued noble cause . . to be a bit like God? Sometimes, I unintentionally reduce poor people to objects that I use to fulfill my own need to accomplish something.

Things I have learned,
I do not have to know what the weather is doing every hour
I do not have to be on facebook
I have not missed TV
I have missed my family!
I do miss my hot showers
I will not miss rice and beans for a while
I find that I am not anxious because I "missed" a sports event (like World Cup)
- (I am still interested in it though)
I see God working in other places besides Texas - changing hearts, bringing restoration
I am glad I do not have to mow the grass with a machete

Pray that we finish well, that we can be a "drop in the bucket" and for our families left back home.  

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