Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Uganda Wednesday

Ok, clinic was on a better flow today, we were able to help a lot of people, doing fillings, extractions and root canals. I removed two 6 year  molars on a nine year old boy this morning who came to see me in a suit (not the tie). It was a big deal to the family. If you go into town, teeth are extracted with an "anvil" and no anesthetic. Getting to know the people who serve here is a treat. Let me tell you of one couple.
Story of Janna and Dave
On the field here, they have 3 children. Last summer, Janna delivered a beautiful girl and they named her Selah. That means to "pause", in the psalms we see it to pause and savor our God is sufficient. Everything was going well. At about 30 days of life, she became ill and was found to be septic. They rushed her to Kampala, and determined that she had a hole in her heart. Selah recieved great care, even was in contact with a specialist pedo cadiologist, who was in Canada. They were getting ready to fly her out for treatment when she experienced a heart attack. The Lord took her home at 34 days of life on this earth. As expected, it rock the whole community of RG. Selah is buried here by the Nile. Her parents are convinced that God is still in control. Dave wrote a song for her and you can look in up on youtube under so thankful by Janna McPhee.

Pam, Susan and Ann went back into Karuma to visit with Sharon and the other ladies. They met in this courtyard to meet about 47 women and 30 children. Ann and Susan had childrens church and Pam taught the ladies about the woman and the well. Some of the impressions were broken hearted at looking at some of the "young girls" and the joy gone from their faces. The rest of the other children had a very engaging time. They talked how Jesus talked about her salvation before confronting her sin. There was talk on how to develop something how to delivered.
The whole discussion among us is the "Sunday school" answer to the question is there always hope in Christ. But many here in Uganda, there is none to be seen! Even at home, many are trapped into hopelessness. The message is still the same at home as it is here- Jesus delivers.
Stay focused my friends
Pray that we finish strong in clinics and ministry and stay sensitive to what God is leading us to do.

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