Friday, February 19, 2016

Treating Guatemalans from Teeth to Toe

It's that time again! Dr. David Boyles, Karen Davenport, Brenda Schibi, and I (Jody Banks) will be heading to the big airport in Houston tomorrow at 6 AM, flying out to Guatemala City. From there, we will take a two hour bus ride up into the mountains to the village of San Raymundo. This is our 4th year at this particular compound where we will provide the dental component to a medical mission.

Last year, David's daughter, Dr. Regan Prewitt, came and provided dental care. This year, I am blessed to have my son, Brent, join us. Brent is a podiatrist in Ft. Worth and will be caring for Guatemalans who walk many, many miles; often barefoot.

Please be praying for safe travel. Almost all the medical team flew in from Dallas; their flight arrived safely and right now they are making their way to the compound. We should arrive in Guatemala a little after noon, and at the compound in San Raymundo a couple of hours later. We will spend the afternoon getting our equipment uncrated and set up to begin treatment.

Pray for our energy levels to remain high tomorrow, and for the patients who will be coming in Sunday morning. While most of you are worshipping in a church, we'll be worshipping in a hospital. :-)  We have seen God work in many ways in the past while here, and we are excited to be a part of His work.

I'll try to update daily...but no promises! :-)

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