Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Day Four

I know you've heard this before - but it was another busy day at the clinic! We thought we would be taking a little girl to surgery, but the family never showed. David started the day with fillings and extractions on a special-needs child. It seemed to be pediatric day today - we saw a LOT of kids. One set of twins, Benjamin and Noah. They were 4. And they both had a set of lungs!!!

The highlight of my day was getting to assist Brent in surgery. He did a plantar fasciotomy and removal of a heel spur. Getting to assist my own son was a tremendous blessing and probably not something I'll be able to do again - especially in the states!

We saw a total of 64 patients in dental today - not quite as many as yesterday, but many of the patients we had today took a long time - either screaming kids or patients who had difficult extractions, or had a lot of work to do. We finished at almost 6 today - an hour longer than any of the other days so far. We worked hard today!

Tomorrow will be a short clinic day. We'll stop about 2 and pack up our supplies and equipment, then head for Antigua Friday morning.

We are spending time tonight playing games before showers and bed. We've been sleeping well, but we all miss home and family. Keep the prayers going up!

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