Monday, February 22, 2016

Day Two

What a day!!! This morning we saw dental patients non-stop until lunch. The afternoon was a bit slower. We thought we had the day wrapped up and were going to enjoy a little downtime before dinner. Until we had a mom stop by and ask if we were going to be able to help her 6-year old daughter, a tiny little girl with pink plastic glasses. The little girl's name was Ashley, and she is a sweetheart. Because of a diet consisting of a great deal of sugarcane, she needed 6 teeth extracted and some fillings done. With the extent of work she needed, Dr. Franklin and Dr. Boyles decided to see if we could take her to the O.R. and have her sedated. O.R. agreed, and we got everything ready on our part. Dr. Franklin was working on her, and I (Jody) was assisting.

There were some issues in O.R. so it was decided to sedate her in our clinic room and work there. Now. Working in the clinic here is nothing like working in a U.S. Dental office, or even at HOPE Clinic. We have to bring in everything we need, and we often have to improvise. Ashley was not completely out, and even though she was given a local anesthetic, she was awake enough to be trying to put her hands up, and moving her head around. We had some difficulties keeping her suctioned, but Dr. Franklin was able to get all 6 teeth extracted and the 2 fillings done.

Tomorrow, Dr. Boyles and Brenda will be treating a 4 year old in the same situation. It should be an exciting start to the morning!

Brent had a much busier day today than yesterday, and will be taking a patient to surgery tomorrow.

Weather continues to be beautiful, and we continue to be well-fed. Prayers are still appreciated for good rest, energy and stamina...and that we continue to feel the presence of God here.

We miss our family - and love you all!

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