Sunday, February 21, 2016

Day One

Everyone arrived at the compound safely - Dallas group (including Brent and Dr. Elbert Franklin, the other dentist on this trip) made it Friday evening, and we arrived to the compound about 3 PM. It was a LONG bus ride!!! It was good to see some of the same people we've met on previous trips - and lots of new people!

Today was our first clinic day. We worked with a Guatemalan dentist who is working as our translator. She was very helpful! Between operative and hygiene, we saw about 65 patients; most of them were indigenous Mayan. We saw some kids; some of them were very calm and relaxed. Some of them were the complete opposite!

Brent saw 6 patients, and already has one scheduled for surgery on Tuesday. We're hoping word gets out and he is much busier tomorrow. It's not common to have a podiatrist here, so most of the local population does not know that is an option.

Nights are cool. When we got here Saturday, they said it was the coolest it had been in a long time - in the 40's. Daytime is warm, about mid-70s and the sky has been clear and gorgeous.

Please remember to pray for us - today was not difficult, but we know that as word gets out, we will have more and more patients. Pray for strength and energy. Pray, too that we will be a reflection of God not just to the people we are treating, but also to the others serving here.

And don't worry about us not getting enough to eat - the food is absolutely delicious!!!

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