Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Day Three

Another crazy day in Guatemala! At this point, your prayers for energy and stamina are greatly appreciated! Today was another busy day. We started the morning having a 4 year old sedated in our clinic room again. He also needed 6 teeth extracted. After some slightly anxiety-provoking moments, extractions were completed and he was taken to post-op to recuperate. Tomorrow we have yet another child to take to the OR - this time a three-year-old

Total patients we saw today was 68 - 22 of these were cleanings, the rest fillings and/or extractions. Brent had 3 surgeries today, and has another scheduled for tomorrow. So far, there have been 27 surgeries, the medical clinic has seen over 300 patients, and we have seen 188. Now you know why we need your prayers!!!

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