Thursday, February 25, 2016

We are done!!!

Last clinic day! The morning started with Dr. Boyles and Brenda in surgery with a 4 year old. That surgery went quickly, and we saw 20 patients before lunch. Dr. Franklin's "high" came when we restored the smile of an older gentleman. After lunch we packed our supplies, deciding what to bring back home and what to leave in Guatemala for our next trip, in about 8 weeks.

Brent was not as busy as he would like to be. We were told by someone who comes frequently  with Refuge that it was unusual for the podiatrist not be be swamped with patients, since they don't often get a podiatrist to come.

Weather today has been cool - it felt to be in the low 70s by afternoon. We walked into town after we had finished packing.  Most people are very friendly, smiling when you smile at them and saying 'hello' in English. Several of the kids asked for 'candy' - using the English word. We told them we were dentists and candy was bad for your teeth!

It's been a great trip - we've made a lot of new friends and there have been some very interesting stories to hear. Our team has worked really well together and we are still friends. :-) It's been a blessing to see relationships continue to grow.

But...we are all ready to be back home! Iced drinks, our own beds and pillows, and tap water we can drink. Oh, and being able to flush toilet paper. It's the small things.

Thanks for praying for us and for following our journey!

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